How To Put in Eye Drops Properly

Some Eye Drop Tips

  • Information from the International Glaucoma Association. Includes a downloadable eye drop calendar - click here
  • Eye drop tips from the Glaucoma Research Foundation - click here
  • Eye Drop Flyer from Safe Medication: How to apply eye drops properly - Click here
Information from the Glaucoma Research Foundation
"Once the drop is on the eye, do not blink your eye or move it around to spread the drop. Instead, gently close your eyes just once, place the pad of your most sensitive finger at the inside corner of the eyelid by the nose and press gently.

Leave the eyelids closed and the finger pressing gently for 2 full minutes. Studies have shown that it takes 2 full minutes for the drop to completely penetrate the surface of the eye to get inside. Put the cap back on the bottle, with eyes still closed. The closed eyelids and pressure on the tear drainage duct avoids unwanted systemic side effects from the potent eye drop drugs by preventing the drop from getting inside the nose where it could enter the bloodstream rapidly.

After two minutes, the drop is fully absorbed into the eye. You can now put a different drop in, if you use more than one drop.Quote from this article